Review 8

Poet Ravinder Ravi and the Literary Critics

Ravi’s similes and metaphors have a flavour of their own. There is a gossamer delicacy about his verse and yet it is realistic, earthy and sensuous…..he never compromises on artistic excellence.
-Kartar Singh Duggal – “The Tribune“, July 28, 1984 – India

Ravinder Ravi is an experimentalist. He has already carved a place for himself in modern Punjabi Experimental Poetry. This new poetry has broken away from tradition and lays emphasis on the depiction of human relations in modern society. It is the poetry of city life, the poetry of science and technology. We may call it intellectual poetry. The poet dismisses the concept of next world like a Charvaka.
-Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli – “The Tribune“, May 18, 1969 – India

We are all victims of slow poisoning. Every desire of ours is a crisis and every hope tinged with despair. The present values are not conducive to the proper flowering of human personality. He says that he is sick of his own consciousness and is in search of darkness. He pities the the lightless, directionless face of the modern man.
-Kulwant Singh Virk-” The Tribune” – 1967 – India

Ravinder Ravi is turning over to the intimate, the suggestive and tantalising as his mainstay in “Maun Hadse”(Silent Accidents). Even his anger is tempered with a feeling of helplessness.
-Dr, Attar Singh – “The Tribune“, 1967 – India

Equally unusual but subtler in symbolic nuance is the verse of Ravinder Ravi. “Bukkal De VichChor”is the collection of poems which tend to be unconventional and off-beat. What makes them significant is the new directions they map out in theme as well as in form.
-Harbans Singh – “The Sunday Standard”, June 27, 1965 – India

Because of of his knowledge of the recent trends in European literature, he knows well how to address a modern reader who is well aware of the ever-changing patterns of literary expression. ..he has fully exploited fresh themes and techniques with which many poets from both Punjabs are not well-acquainted.
-ShafqatTanveerMirza – “Dawn”, January 21, 2000 -Lahore, Pakistan

The aim of the poet is self-expression characterised by self-abandon………the creed of the poet develops like “Rake’s Progress” with doubt as his Arti.
Dr. RoshanLal Abuja – “The Tribune”, 1970 – India

He has cast a very searching eye on the problem of human alienation…..Ravi’s similes are original, unusual but subtle and powerful. He depicts man as he is – a being of flesh and blood and passion.
– PritamSingh(PCS) – From the book: “The Voices of Dissent”- April, 1972 – India

A gifted poet, Ravi believes that ‘creation is a creative self of the writer’ and his poems invariably are autobiographies of the moment of creation. He is nihilist. He shatters values, pulls down traditions, kills orthodoxies. He is ‘anti-incarnate‘. The poet knows his idiom.
– Dr.Satya Pal Anand – “The Tribune“, May 19, 1979 – India

Ravi has expanded the dimensions of Punjabi poetry and nourished it with his rare aesthetic sense.
-Dr. ManmohanKesar – “The Tribune“, August 4, 1979 – India

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