Review 6

Chakravyuh Te Pyramid”, written by Canadian Punjabi playwright Ravinder Ravi,

explores the individual and global dimensions of the postmodern human existence, in the

context of the rise and fall of our civilizations.

It is a verse-play of epic proportions that unfolds itself through a spectacle of unique poetry,

music, symbolic lyricism, dance, unparalleled dramatic action and psychological realism.

This play focuses on the different aspects of the plight of the contemporary mankind and gives

it a futuristic direction.

It examines the alienation of the large cosmopolitan cities, problems caused by pollution and

climate change, ethical and social complexities of the new institutions of Sperm and Egg Banks,

economic crisis brought by the stock market crash, terrorism, sex-trade, incest, drug-culture,

smuggling, crime, failure of the institution of marriage and new directions of the evolving Man and Woman relationships.

It presents an effective and colourful picture of the global trends in dance and music in the

context of our folklore.

The theme-song of this play ties it all together, through various scenes, as an ongoing

continuity of the story of the Post Modern Man.

This play emphasizes the need for modern and technologically advanced stage-craft for the

Punjabi theatre.

Chakravyuh Te Pyramid” is a historic and philosophic documentation of our culture and

civilization since the time of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

– Excerpts from: “Manch Rangmanch 12th. Theatre Workshop Brochure”, prepared by

Kewal Dhaliwal. The workshop was held in collaboration with the National School of

Drama(Delhi, India) and Virsa Vihar(Amritsar), at Amritsar, from June 6, 2012 to July 5,

2012. Ravinder Ravi’s verse-play: “Chakravyuh Te Pyramid” was staged on July 5, 2012.

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